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KeyCare offers health systems access to a network of independent virtual care providers working on KeyCare's Epic-based EMR and telehealth platform.

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Health Systems face increasingly complex challenges today.
Physician shortages, provider burnout, limited access to care — problems exacerbated by inefficient telehealth approaches that underutilize available resources and technology.

Physician Shortages and Inefficient Utilization Hinder Patient Access, Increase Costs

The traditional approach of in-person visits for routine care management leaves health systems overburdened and underutilized


Physician shortages of 38,000-124,000 projected in the next 12 years

By overburdening physicians with low-value tasks, health systems risk contributing to burnout and potential attrition


Of Healthcare costs consumed by 5% of sickest patients

Complex care consumes time and resources, and leaves systems unable to take on new patients


Primary Care Physicians generate 7.5x their total yearly salary

The current burden of office visits for all routine care leaves PCPs overworked and unable to maximize their full value responding to complex care


Of Health Systems say patient leakage impedes financial goals

Existing fragmented care models reduce access and increase patient leakage by driving patients to seek outside providers

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Alleviates Physician Shortages With Efficient Delegation of Routine Care

KeyCare provides a unified virtual care experience within a health systems existing infrastructure, eliminating fragmentation and improving care coordination for patients by connecting into a network of virtualists

Integrated EHR Platform

Streamlined Data Sharing for Connected Care

Augmented Care Teams

Supporting Physicians and Alleviating Burnout

Unified Virtual Care Network

Eliminating Fragmentation for a More Seamless Experience

Expanded Virtual Care Options

Improved Access and Enhanced Patient Experience

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Testimonials of Transformation

Unlocking the power of virtual care to empower patients and streamline health systems

Because we serve a population of rural and sometimes vulnerable patients, it is essential that we prioritize delivering care in a way that is affordable and convenient Our partnership with KeyCare ensures that we can immediately expand access for virtual urgent care to meet our patient demand, while allowing us to add other virtual services offerings over time.
Headshot of Sonney Sapra, CIO of Samaritan Health Services

Sonney Sapra

Chief Information Officer, Samaritan Health Services

At Phelps Health we take pride in delivering broad access to care in ways that are the most convenient and affordable for our patients. By offering virtual urgent care through MyChart with virtual providers who have complete access to patients' Epic-based medical records, we are also providing patients with a seamless, consistent care journey.
Portrait of Jason Shenfeld, President & CEO of Phelps Health

Jason Shenefeld

President & CEO, Phelps Health

Integrating a patient's electronic medical record (EMR) into virtual care settings is a game-changer. It empowers our healthcare providers with a comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, enabling them to make more informed decisions and provide tailored care.
Portrait of William Carracino, MD

William Carracino, MD

VP & Chief Digital Health Executive, Lee Health

KeyCare's virtual care platform provides the most seamless virtual care experience for patients and ensures they have 24/7 access to high-quality services...With the addition of KeyCare's virtual care team, our patients will experience a much more integrated online care experience than is available with any other service in the market.
A portrait of a smiling Hal Baker

Hal Baker, MD

Chief Information & Digital Officer, Wellspan

Virtual visits delivered through MyChart will provide employees that are part of Captive Health with 24/7 access to online clinicians when they need them the most. With provider-to-provider connectivity embedded across Epic's electronic health records, KeyCare's Virtualist providers will become an integral part of our healthcare team.
A portrait of a smiling Tim Sagers

Tim Sagers, MD

President, Captive Health

Allina Health strives to deliver care in the most convenient and cost-effective ways for patients. Our partnership with KeyCare enables us to increase access to our telehealth services and provide patients with care when and where they need it, including overnight or when they are out of state, without disrupting any of the technology and operations we currently have in place.
A portrait of a smiling Jennifer McAnnany

Jennifer McAnnany

Director of Operations, Allina Health

In just a few short years, the delivery of care without an in-person visit has gone from barely on-the-radar to revolutionizing healthcare. Our partnership with KeyCare will enable us to provide more accessible, coordinated and comprehensive healthcare services to our customers.
A portrait of a smiling Bill Manzie

Bill Manzie

Administrative Director of Telehealth, Memorial Healthcare

Virtual care offers a wonderful opportunity to extend access to patients who want the convenience of receiving urgent care from the comfort of their home or on the go. Our partnership with KeyCare will enable us to expand our ability to bring affordable, convenient and trusted virtual urgent care to the communities we serve.
A smiling portrait of Jill Hull

Jill Hull

Chief Operating Officer, Bryan & Teledigm Health

We are excited to partner with KeyCare, which will enable us to expand patient engagement by delivering access to high-quality virtual urgent care directly from the existing MyChart Virtual Walk-In Clinic. Our patients can maintain care coordination because records are easily shared between our clinicians and KeyCare's virtual care providers, facilitating comprehensive medical history for diagnosis and treatment.
A smiling portrait of Maximilian Maile

Maximilian Maile

Senior Vice President, Digital Health Parkview Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions on how KeyCare works and how we can help

How do you integrate with Epic?

We use Epic as our electronic health record and leverage CareEverywhere to share clinical data between KeyCare and our Epic customers. From within your digital front door (MyChart), we use Telehealth Anywhere and Book Anywhere to seamlessly move patients to a KeyCare provider.

How many states are your providers licensed in?

KeyCare provides On Demand Urgent Care 24/7, 365 days per year, in all 50 states.

What clinical areas do you offer services?

We partner with our Epic-based health systems to provide On Demand Urgent Care, Behavioral Health, and Virtual Primary Care. We are actively expanding into diverse specialities, including Rheumatology, Cardiology, Maternal Care, and many more.

What kind of technology do you use to increase productivity?

We optimize our instance of Epic for telehealth, leveraging Epic’s telehealth platform and tools, by building streamlined workflows for our clinical use cases, curating clinical content, and integrating technology to optimize provider efficiency and the patient experience.

Does our health system have to use Epic?

KeyCare can provide virtual care services for any health system. There are unique interoperability and patient experience benefits if your health system uses Epic.

How does KeyCare integrate with our Care teams?

By using Epic as our primary clinical toolset, we are able to seamlessly exchange medical records, message with your providers, and share key visit information, such as the After Visit Summary with the patient within your instance of Epic.

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