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Primary Care on the KeyCare Platform

Empowering Access and Enhancing Patient Care

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, meeting the high demand for primary care resources has become a top priority. In fact, many health systems are interested in expanding primary care groups to take care of more patients.

By partnering with KeyCare’s expertise in virtual primary care, health systems can widen their front doors to deliver accessible and convenient care to a much larger patient panel than they ever could with just office-based providers.

3 Distinct KeyCare Functions to Support Primary Care Teams

Seamlessly Scheduled Overflow Visits

Our group of dedicated KeyCare virtual providers ensures patients find open appointments quickly, maximizing convenience and patient satisfaction.

Short and Long-Term Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Keep patients connected to their care team with remote monitoring services. From post-discharge follow-up to chronic care management, RPM facilitates personalized and continuous care.

Preventative Care and Gap Closure

Take a proactive approach to patient care by reaching out to patients to close gaps in care and ensure compliance with routine check-ups, promoting better health outcomes.

Virtual Primary Use Cases

Overflow Visits
Scheduled Urgent Care, Refills, Orders...
Preventative Care
Wellness Exams, Care Gap Closure...
Short-term RPM
Post-Discharge F/U, Hospital at Home...
Long-term RPM
Chronic Care Mgt, Clinical Research Trials...


Benefits of Virtual Primary Care With KeyCare

Ensure Patient Needs are Met

Scheduled visits through the call center provide patients with timely care, ensuring their needs are met promptly.  With patient data connected to health systems through the Epic ecosystem, notes, follow-ups, and messages are efficiently shared and managed to improve communication and patient care quality.

Optimize Patient Population Management

Embrace a team-based primary care model and watch panel sizes expand, optimizing population management strategy. This approach offers more choices for patients, whether they prefer in-person or virtual care options.

Create a Better Process for Routine Care

With our dedicated teams acting as an extension of your in-person primary care staff, routine, rules-based, repeatable care becomes a seamless process. This new approach can result in a better health care system paradigm which can simultaneously improve efficiency, access, cost and quality of care.

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