Provide patients faster access and higher quality care by expanding your digital front door.

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What is KeyCare?

KeyCare is an Epic-based virtual care platform designed to help forward-thinking health systems improve access and quality by expanding their virtual care options for patients.

KeyCare enables health systems to easily augment their care teams, optimize capacity, and widen their digital front doors by offering access to an independent, nationwide network of urgent care and behavioral health providers who work on an instance of Epic optimized for virtual care. KeyCare intends to add other virtual care specialties in the future.

Seamless Access

With an interoperability experience unavailable anywhere else, patients access KeyCare's virtual care network via their health system's MyChart or call centers.

Comprehensive Care

KeyCare provides access to a network of credentialed and patient-centric Virtualists who can view your patients’ Epic-based health records to support their delivery of care.

Optimized Capacity

KeyCare frees up a care team's valuable time to focus on higher-value, more complex care, optimizing care capacity while providing patients quick access to high-quality virtual care.​

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Built for Health Systems

  • Easily offer 50-state, on-demand, 24-hour coverage and seamless patient data exchange via Epic's Care Everywhere.​​

  • Choose when to offer patients access to KeyCare, be it after hours, out-of-state, or during surges.

  • Partner with the only virtual care platform using Epic’s interoperability tools, such as Telehealth Anywhere, Book Anywhere, Care Everywhere and Happy Together.

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