About KeyCare

KeyCare team members having a casual conversation in conference room lit by natural lighting
The KeyCare team strategizing together
Lyle Berkowitz and Sara Ensey brainstorming

Our Mission

To create tech-empowered virtual care teams that support, strengthen, and amplify our nation's health systems

Our Purpose

Increase access to quality healthcare for all through the power of connected data and technology

Our Vision

Stay at the forefront of telehealth and be the nation’s leader in integrated virtual care

Meet The KeyCare Team

KeyCare brings together a team with deep experience in health systems, patient care, and technology

A portrait of Lyle Berkowitz, MD, smiling against a city backdrop

Lyle Berkowitz, MD

Chief Executive Officer
A portrait of Sulabh Agarwal, smiling against a city backdrop

Sulabh Agarwal

Chief Technology Officer
A portrait of Tom Conti, smiling against a city backdrop

Tom Conti

Chief Product Officer
A portrait of Sara Ensey, smiling against a city backdrop

Sara Ensey

Chief of Staff
A portrait ofToby Rogers, smiling against a city backdrop

Toby Rogers

Chief Operating Officer
A portrait of Mike Robbins, smiling against a city backdrop

Mike Robbins

Chief Financial Officer
A portrait of Sarah Inman, smiling against a city backdrop

Sarah Inman

Senior Vice President, Growth
A portrait of Andy Jackson smiling in front of a city backdrop

Andy Jackson

Vice President, Core EHR
A portrait of Nancy Kavadas, smiling against a city backdrop

Nancy Kavadas

Vice President, Marketing
A portrait of Donnie Owens, smiling against a city backdrop

Donnie Owens

Vice President, Technology Innovation & Security
A portrait of Karil Walther, smiling against a city backdrop

Karil Walther

Vice President, Practice Operations

Our Key Behaviors

The daily behaviors that bring our values to life and unlock the door to success

Be Generative and Growth‑Minded

Be creative, generate lots of ideas and listen closely to others. Solve for now while creating for a big future.

Be open to discuss and then ready to commit

Engage in discussions openly, fostering an environment where diverse viewpoints are not only welcome, but celebrated. Once a decision is made, commit and join forces with your team.

Be supportive and enjoy each other

Be there for each other. Have fun! Take time to celebrate small victories, big wins, and relish in our success stories.

Be Resilient

Changing the world isn’t easy. Use your passion and perseverance to help make big visions a reality.

Be of True Service to Our Patients & Providers

Go the extra mile, over-deliver, and take every opportunity to make a real difference

Be on it

Be proactive, have a keen sense of priority, take action, and create value every day.

Contact Us Today to Unlock Solutions Together

Our team is happy to answer questions, schedule demos and help you with telehealth solutions

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