Behavioral Health

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Behavioral Health on the KeyCare Platform

Meeting Patients’ growing demand for quality and timely care

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the demand for behavioral health services has never been higher.

To address this pressing need, we are proud to present Virtual Behavioral Health on the KeyCare Platform – an innovative solution that allows you to meet the increasing demand for behavioral health services while providing patients with high quality care and support.  

KeyCare’s Behavioral Health solution augments current care teams with dedicated virtual specialists,  including therapists and psychiatrists with expertise across multiple sub-specialties, designed specifically to meet patient population needs.

Benefits of Behavioral Health With KeyCare

Expand Behavioral Health Options

Increase access to a broad variety of Behavioral Health specialists to meet patient demand – ranging from provider demographics to scheduling flexibility to niche care.

Better Economics

KeyCare helps bring economies of scale to improving access, new technologies to reduce costs, and saves time for internal managers, executives, and staff to work on higher order work.

High-Quality Virtual Care

Quality is enhanced via bi-directional data interoperability, as well as use of all of Epic’s quality features from BPAs to reporting. This is coupled with rigorous standards of providers, support for both patients and providers, and ongoing reporting.

Decrease Patient Wait Times

Decrease the amount of time a patient waits for an open appointment. This helps improve patient satisfaction and Behavioral Health quality metrics, while decreasing inappropriate Emergency Department visits.

Empower Your Providers

Support  providers with a virtual care team that helps load-balance low complexity care to virtualists.  Office-based providers will have more time to focus on new patients and higher complexity care, working to the height of their license.

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