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Realizing Telehealth’s Full Potential with a Virtualist Partner Model

Discover the secrets to enhancing patient access, care quality, and profitability while reducing patient leakage and provider burnout. Don't settle for the wrong approach—our groundbreaking ebook is here to guide you on the path to telehealth success.

Read on to find out how to:

Optimize Your Telehealth Program

Learn the best strategies to maximize the potential of your telehealth initiatives. Our ebook discusses innovative approaches that will enable your healthcare system to thrive.

Deliver a Seamless Integration

By teaming up with a virtual care provider that fully integrates with your existing electronic health records (EHR) platform, you'll create a seamless experience for your patients.

Augment Your Care Team

KeyCare, the nation's first Epic-based virtual care company, is here to transform your telehealth solution. You will be able to augment your care teams, optimize capacity, and widen your digital front doors.

Key Topics Covered:

What Doctor Shortage?

Rethinking the narrative and asking the question "What if we don’t have a shortage of physicians, but rather just a shortage of using them efficiently?". Explore how KeyCare's unique EHR solution helps alleviate the shortage.

What Consumers Really Want From Telehealth

Using insights gained directly from consumers, we found common pain points among patients. This helped guide our solution to a seamless, convenient, high-quality experience that ensures patient's virtual providers will have access to the their longitudinal clinical data.

Enhancing Care and Access with Virtualist Partners

Why hospitals must look to automation, delegation, and virtualization when conceptualizing new approaches to population health management. Learn how KeyCare and their connected approach to technology enhances the experience for health systems and their patients.  

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