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Join Our Virtual Urgent Care Network

KeyCare’s independent virtual urgent care network is available now for all Epic-based health systems seeking to offer patients 24/7, on-demand services across all 50 states.

Expand Your Offerings Once Connected

Once connected to KeyCare’s platform, health systems have the option to expand virtual care offerings to include access to behavioral health, primary care, and other specialists in the future.

Core Features Across All Our Product Offerings

Superior Patient Experience Via Epic Interoperability

Patients experience a seamless, consistent journey with access to the KeyCare platform through MyChart or Call Center. Epic’s unique interoperability tools bolster connected care that directly benefits systems and their patients.

Optimized Capacity Via Delegation of Routine Care

KeyCare helps shift the burden of routine office-based work to a team of virtualists working on an optimized instance of Epic. Patients receive quick and consistent virtual care, while freeing up physicians to focus on the delivery of higher-value and higher-complexity services.

Comprehensive Quality Care Via Robust Data Sharing

KeyCare’s credentialed virtualists can view patients’ Epic-based health records to support quality care delivery. All visit data is then sent back to the health system via Care Everywhere, with automatic notifications, and after-visit MyChart summaries.

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Urgent Care

KeyCare offers a connected network of credentialed Virtualists to Health Systems and their patients as a virtual urgent care option accessed seamlessly through MyChart.

Responding to routine and repeatable care, and offering convenient,  24x7 on demand care to patients across all 50 states, KeyCare helps patients any time, wherever they may be. All while keeping patients and their data connected and shared within the health system.  

Primary Care

KeyCare’s dedicated teams act as an extension of an in-person primary care staff, addressing routine, rules-based, repeatable care in a seamless, connected process.

Ensuring patient needs are met, and optimizing patient population management to simultaneously improve efficiency, access, cost and quality of care.

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Behavioral Health

KeyCare’s Behavioral Health solution augments current care teams with dedicated virtual specialists, including therapists and psychiatrists with expertise across multiple sub-specialties, designed specifically to meet patient population needs.

Decrease patient wait times, empower  providers, and expand patient behavioral health options with economical and high-quality virtual care that meets patients where they are at.

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