Virtual Rheumatology Services

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Rheumatology Services on the KeyCare Platform

Increasing Quality Virtual Rheumatology Access in Partnership with Remission Medical 

Rheumatological complaints represent a huge burden on primary care services and are considered one of the most common medical causes of long-term absence from work. In fact, according to the CDC, some 24% of all adults, or 58.5 million people in the US, have arthritis.

Unfortunately, the number of rheumatologists in America is declining. Patients with joint and tissue pain often experience wait times that average more than three months, resulting in delayed treatment and unnecessary disease progression.

We have developed a partnership with Remission Medical, a national virtual clinic for rheumatology, to deliver quick and convenient access to high-quality rheumatology care to patients within our partner health systems. Now you can offer scheduled virtual visits with rheumatology specialists for your in-state patients.

Rheumatology Services

Rheumatology Services, delivered via Remission Medical, give people relief from pain due to their autoimmune inflammatory conditions through a virtual-first clinic that offers end-to-end support from a team of experts.

Decrease time-to-diagnosis and treatment to Rheumatology services
Easy referral process for health system via Epic’s CERM (Care Everywhere Referrals Management)
Care model designed to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction for health system Rheumatology

Solution Overview

Population: Adult patients seeking an onset appointment and/or longitudinal care or via  referrals by PCPs
Coverage: State-based coverage during defined hours
Scheduling: Health system sends requests via Care Everywhere Referral Management (CERM)
Billing: Supports Self-pay, Employer Sponsorship, or Assigned Insurance Billing to the health system
Visit: Video or Audio visit, with ability to order tests and infusions, titrate medications including infusions, etc.  

Rheumatology Services Benefits

Competitive advantage
Decreased leakage and increased downstream revenue
Decrease time-to-diagnosis and treatment for your patients
Decrease in-person rheumatologists' schedules

Benefits of Rheumatology Care With KeyCare

Increase rheumatology panel size, resulting in increased revenue

Increase access to a broad variety of Behavioral Health specialists to meet patient demand – ranging from provider demographics to scheduling flexibility to niche care.

Decreased leakage and increased downstream revenue

KeyCare helps bring economies of scale to improving access, new technologies to reduce costs, and saves time for internal managers, executives, and staff to work on higher order work.

High-Quality Virtual Care

Quality is enhanced via bi-directional data interoperability, as well as use of all of Epic’s quality features from BPAs to reporting. This is coupled with rigorous standards of providers, support for both patients and providers, and ongoing reporting.

Decrease time-to-diagnosis and treatment for your patients

Decrease the amount of time a patient waits for an open appointment. This helps improve patient satisfaction and Behavioral Health quality metrics, while decreasing inappropriate Emergency Department visits.

Complement existing in-person care with virtual rheumatology services

Support  providers with a virtual care team that helps load-balance low complexity care to virtualists.  Office-based providers will have more time to focus on new patients and higher complexity care, working to the height of their license.

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