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A well informed client is an empowered client. By partnering with KeyCare, we make it our mission to provide the best education, resources, and tools at our disposal to help you on your mission to improve patient care.

Access our marketing toolkit to help educate and spread knowledge on the benefits of telehealth and virtual care, and how KeyCare and your Health System are making great care easier and more accessible together.

Marketing Toolkit

Tools and strategies designed to educate and spread telehealth awareness
Our Marketing Toolkit
Content Overview
  • Patient Communication Templates
  • Provider Communication FAQs & Patient Journey Map
  • Employee Communication FAQ texts, email template, powerpoint orientation
  • Creative Files: InDesign, PPT, Native Files for Customization and more
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Best Practices

Urgent Care Access Drivers: To increase utilization of the Urgent Care Video Visit platform, KeyCare has identified a list of enhancement opportunities focused on creating additional touch points where patients are able to learn about and access a video visit.
Website Optimization
Content Overview
  1. 1. Call to Action for Video Visits on Homepage
  2. 2. Add Links to Urgent Care Offering on Pages with Physical Urgent Care Locations
  3. 3. Include Link to Virtual Urgent Care on the MyChart Login Screen
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MyChart Optimization
Content Overview
  1. 1. Self-Scheduling in MyChart
  2. 2. Explore More Card
  3. 3. Message Center Urgent Care Option
  4. 4. MyChart Link for Proxy Patients
  5. 5. InBasket Quick Action with Video Visit Link
  6. 6. Shortcut to Video Visits
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Awareness & Outreach
Content Overview
  • 1. Call Center Referral
  • 2. Nurse Triage Referral
  • 3. MyChart Newsfeed Feature
  • 4. Outreach to Covered Employees, if applicable
  • 5. General Marketing Campaigns and Social Media
  • 6. Educate Internal Providers and Staff
  • 7. On-hold messaging
  • 8. Information/signage in primary care/urgent care waiting rooms
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