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Vice President of Marketing:
Nancy Kavadas

Dear KeyCare Clients,

Incorporating virtual care solutions for your patient population represents a pivotal move in enhancing their healthcare journey.

As health system leaders, your efforts have been crucial in rolling out KeyCare effectively. Promoting virtual care services not only benefits your health system but also ensures that your patients receive timely access to immediate healthcare solutions.

In our toolkit, we've streamlined the process for you. We created simple messaging to highlight the advantages of connected virtual care:
- Save time by consulting a virtual care specialist without the hassle of travel or clinic wait times.
-Rest assured that your telehealth provider has access to your complete health records, including allergies and medications.
-Enjoy on-demand access to reliable healthcare right from your health system’s digital front door.

Integrate this messaging across all your existing marketing channels using our templates, including website banners, social media posts, employee articles, patient newsletters, and in-office signage.

I'm excited to highlight some recent marketing initiatives from Phelps Health:

- Phelps Health featured a patient story and video showcasing the successful utilization of KeyCare in the local newspaper and on their website.
- Learn how to initiate an On-Demand Video Visit with KeyCare through Phelps Health's informative video guide.

By working together, we can effectively promote your virtual care services and make them a seamless part of your patient experience. Share your marketing success stories with your dedicated KeyCare Client Success team member, and we'll showcase them here for broader visibility.

Thank you for your partnership,
Nancy Kavadas
VP, Marketing

Learn More about Behavioral Health and Annual Wellness

A preview of our latest KeyCare products offering convenient & connected options to help keep patient care in your health system
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  • Health systems can widen their front doors to deliver accessible and convenient care to a much larger patient panel by utilizing Virtual Primary Care Overflow Virtual Visits
  • KeyCare's Behavioral Health helps to reduce patient wait times and expand access to Therapy & Psychiatry services by leveraging Book Anywhere

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